Economics With Financial Literacy

The Crisis of Flint Michigan and How It Hurts Us All

395 million.

It costs 395 million dollars to save Flint

Or, in more recognizable terms, 131% of the entire Kardashian families net worth that continues to grow yearly.

Or, 1/1515.18th of the US’ military budget

Or, or 1/8.86th of our presidents net worth

Or, in the simplest terms, a completely and entirely doable task. A task so seemingly simple that it seems like it should be done by now. Why isn’t it?

Greed. Greed is why.

Greed is why Governor Snyder gave the poorest, blackest area of Michigan the most at risk water supply and gave Michigan corporations huge tax breaks and gave the rich huge tax breaks.

Greed is why people are dying in their homes that they can’t sell because the homes water supply is unsafe, so poor residents in black cities are trapped in their homes as their kids brains die from lead poisoning, why people are avoiding drinking water at all costs.

But why does this impact you? How can something in a state you may not live in hurt you?

It’s what they did. It’s what they’ve shown. They’ve shown if you’re poor and black you are not safe in their hands, they have shown if you live in a poor black area your water could be contaminated. They’ve shown their tax breaks mean more than your brain cells. This is a human issue because we are losing other humans over the deliberate lack of care for poor black residents. We are a community of humans who realize we aren’t safe under the rich, that they have their boot on our necks. Unless you’re rich, living in a historically white area you are not safe from this. Your republican representatives are not fighting for you, they’re fighting for the corporations.

What can you do?

  • CALL YOUR REPRESENTITIVE. Even if you don’t mention a bill (it’s better if you do0 call them. Call them outraged. Call their secretaries and tell their secretaries how awful this is. Call your representatives through 8508989912. Better yet- look through their record. If they have a history of voting for atrocious budget allocations like the one that caused flint to tell them, I will not vote for your re-election. Tell their secretaries, too. Tell them you’re keeping an eye on them and what they vote to do.
  • VOTE: vote for every local representative you possibly can. Put your voting ballot where your priorities are. Issues like this come from apoliticism, people who vote once every four years and act like they made a difference, that is not how things work. VOTE.



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