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The Rise of Betsey Johnsons Brand

Economics – 3.1

Betsey Johnson was born in the 40s in Terryville, Connecticut, here is where her love of dance, and eventually art, blossomed. Throughout her youth, she trained in multiple types of dance, with dance came a story, and a story meant a wardrobe. Because a large portion of dance is aesthetics, she had a teacher who allowed her to make her own costumes. This combined with her interest in art led to a want to create fashion, and a brand to establish. She later received an internship at a prestigious brand as a designer, gaining traction and eventually making her own brand. Throughout her career, she saw the rise of punk and youthquake, capitalizing on both to create a distinct brand that is known for its youthfulness and unique style. She became the punk rock wild child of the fashion industry, inspiring a plethora of designers and culture along the way.

Throughout her career, she’s had to alter her brand for the sake of making something. Specifically, in the 70s. She reverted to making older, more maternal clothing with no youthfulness after the youthquake movement died down, but she had to continue designing to stay active with her brand. So she made generic tailored clothing, that is until the 70’s. When punk hit she was re-invented, she began feeling her passion again. This was a pivotal point for her brand and impact.

Within her 30 year career, she has made all types of apparel, from swim to active to formal to shoes, she inserted her unique, youthful vision into every thread and inspired designers everywhere. Throughout this, she has beat breast cancer and still manages to cartwheel down the runway at all of her shows.


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